Creative Ways to Bring Music to Students — Every Day!

Creative Ways to Bring Music to Students — Every Day!
Music education, it seems, is just plain good for you. In addition to recent research that suggests music training improves literacy, increases brain function, and leaves a lasting mark on the adult brain, a recent study out of Finland featured in the …
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Music in higher education: what is it worth? – roundtable discussion
The value of studying music in higher education in the context of the economically-charged narrative on education provided the background to a recent roundtable discussion held at the Royal Academy of Music and involving senior figures from higher …
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Europe's first online music degree launches
Aspiring musicians in the UK and Europe can now complete a full Bachelor of Arts music degree online. The digital music degree, which has been developed by British musical education specialists E-Mu, is available to students from £3500 a year – which …

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